How do I join Charleston Irish? 

If you’re Irish or interested in Ireland, you’re already a member. We don’t have any fees or forms. If you’d like to introduce yourself, contact us and say hi, or come to one of our events.

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When do you meetup?

We meet up every three months at one of the Irish bars in town. We announce the dates on the FB page and in our newsletter. If there’s a sporting event or an Irish concert, we meet up then too. 

There’s always other informal events going on, such as golf & coffee. But don’t have to wait to get involved. Get in touch, tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll connect you with the right people. 

I’m hosting an Irish event in Charleston. Can you promote it? 

Absolutely, send us an email about it and we’ll spread the word. 

We’re Irish & thinking of moving to Charleston. Should we? 

Easy answer. Yes you should. We have some more information about moving to Charleston here.

Get in touch with us. We’ll tell you more about life in Charleston and introduce you to other Irish people who have moved here. 

I’m coming to Charleston for a J-1 Visa. Can you help me get a job? 

We’ll definitely try. We’ve helped a lot of J1ers in the past. Get in touch and we’ll do our best. 

Where can I watch the football/hurling/rugby match

It depends on the game. Madra Rua shows a lot of football, Shane often shows rugby at Ireland's Own. The Celt is new but I think they will be showing games too. It depends on the game. Contact the bars directly for more info or contact us.

When’s the best time to go to Ireland? 

May & September are my favorite months. Long days, weather is getting better and the Summer crowds haven't arrived yet. June, July & August have the best weather but it’s peak season & places are busy.

See our Visit Ireland page for more details 

Where should we go on our trip to Ireland? 

We have lots of good travel advice on our Visit Ireland page

How do I send money back to Ireland?

I’ve been using Wise for years to send money from my US account to my Irish account. Their app is easy to use & their rates are good.

Are there any Irish sports in Charleston?

Yes, we have football, hurling and Gaelic football teams. See our Clubs page for more info or contact us.

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