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You'll have the trip of a lifetime to Ireland with our tips. You'll see the real Ireland, meet Irish people, and not just tick off the usual tourist sites.

What To Do In Dublin

Our guide to Dublin has five day tours. Each one has a theme to show you the different sides of the Dublin.  

  1. City: Dublin city center
  2. Village: Village life in Dublin
  3. Sea: Coastal Dublin
  4. Mountains: Hiking with a local group 
  5. Cliffs: The best views in Dublin

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What to do in Dublin, away from the tourists. By a local Dubliner
if you want to see the local side of Dublin. The nontourist Dublin. The off-the-beaten-track Dublin. Away from the boring sites you’re supposed to see. You’re in the right place. The Dublin that Dubliners live every day

We will be adding more guides to the rest of Ireland later. They take a long time to write though, so bear with us and check back here in a few weeks for more.

If you're Irish and want to write about your hometown, get in touch.