Fáilte go Charleston

CharlestonIrish.com is the hub for the Irish citizens who are living in Charleston, SC.

We have a very active community with lots of events on. We have frequent Charleston Irish meet ups and we also get together for any big games or events. Our hurling club practices twice a week and hosts a major tournament every year. We have a soccer team. There is usually a trad session to be found and we have an Irish dancing school too. 

In typical Irish entrepreneurial fashion, a lot of us are small business owners so be sure to check out the Irish Businesses page and support the local Irish businesses in the city. No matter what you need, we’re likely to have an Irish person in that industry.

If you are thinking of coming here, you should, it’s a beautiful city,  get in touch, we can give you all the advice you need and introduce you around the Irish community.

The Facebook page is updated most days, so Like It. You can also look at our Events page and we hope to see you at one of our events

Darragh Doran

Future Irish Events in Charleston