Tommy Snee

From Kilcock, County Meath

Do you have family here ?

Yes my wonderful Wife Eileen and our Daughter Theresa. Two dogs, Daisy and Cookie, two cats, Sammie and Smokie. I also have two Sisters in Myrtle Beach and four more Sisters and two Brothers back in Ireland, unfortunately a third Brother passed in 2015 and both Parents are passed. Yes there were 12 of us Snees.

Where did you grow up?.

I grew up in Kilcock, County Meath, 20 miles west of Dublin. Mammy and Daddy had been transplanted there under the Land Commission Act from Kilkelly In County Mayo. Our small darm was our survival. My Mother and many of our neighbors spoke fluent Gaelic since many were from Connemara and points West. Our house was where all the kids hung out. Happy memories of having nothing yet everything.

When did you move to Charleston and where do you live?

“I got here as fast as I could”. 2010 to be exact we live in Mt.Pleasant and built our home 2 minutes from the Arthur Ravenel Bridge.

Where else have you lived?
I came to St.Augustine Florida in 1980, still my happy place. I also lived in Lake Havasu AZ, Las Vegas, Puerto Penasco Mexico and Brewster NY.

Why did  you move to Charleston?

Upon planning to opening the third Molly Darcy's Irish Pub, here on East Bay Street I decided it better to be close, that location since closed to make way for a hotel but I still have a location in North Myrtle Beach where I am  a 50% Partner.

What do you love about Charleston?

Weather #1. Of course the character and history of the Holy City, it has everything under sunny skies. The community here is very tight and diverse, great schools, amenities, restaurants, shopping and Property Taxes are in check. I have made Incredible friends here and have a great network. It takes a Village and this for sure is that place.I feel our daughter is getting a great education here.

Tell us about your Business/Work?

I currently have a 50% ownership in Molly Darcy’s on the Beach in North Myrtle. I also invest in some real estate projects, I still have rental property in NY, not sure why, maybe I just want that little piece of New York to keep. I formed The Snee Company 2 years ago which is a property management and acquisition company.

Where is the first place you bring people in Charleston when people visit?

I love showing people downtown and anything waterfront. My Favorite place is the Irish Monument Downtown. It’s a magnificent setting with a giant granite slab shaped in the map of Ireland. Something to be truly proud of. What a tribute to our People, thank you Charleston.

Anything else you would like to say?

I love America and everything it stands for, It has been really good to me.I came here with a Suitcase and a watch my mother gave me at the age of 17. I try to give back as much as possible. My Wife and daughter feed homeless people downtown weekly.

I enjoy raising funds for Irish and American Causes, just about anything Cancer related, anything to do with kids or animals. I help with Fundraising for www.TheGraciefoundationinc.Org. This all volunteer group sends gifts to women undergoing cancer treatments. Sometimes the best we can do is make someone smile. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than raising money for a great cause and having an absolutely great time doing so.

I love auto racing,Nascar, in particular. Life is short. have as much Craic as you can and when you leave a room be sure you did something nice for someone in there.

I love organizing and being a part of the Charleston Irish and supporting all the Various People in it. They also support everything I do or am involved in, what a great crew we have here.

You can visit Molly Darcy’s in North Myrtle Beach or contact Tommy

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