I’m always getting emails through the Charleston Irish page “I’m going to Ireland, where should I go?”. Well we have 100+ Irish living in Charleston from nearly every county in Ireland, so I am looking for people from the different counties so write a guide to their county.

I’ve written a guide for Dublin, that one is very in-depth, yours doesn’t have to be anything like that.

I would like it to be written from a really local perspective, giving insider tips, not the same stuff that all the tourists do or that all the guide books recommend. They are coming to us for advice as locals. As an example, for Dublin, I said to avoid Temple Bar, don’t bother with the Book of Kells and I even said not to go the Guinness Brewery, they’ll learn more about Ireland having a pint of Guinness in a bar than they will wandering around the museum with a thousand other tourists.

I’ve written some questions below, copy and paste them into your own email, write the answers there and email back to me

Include any photos, maps etc. If you’re not tech savvy don’t worry, I can take care of that.


Where are you from ?

Why should people go there ?

What is there to see ?

Anything off the beaten track ?

How many days should they spend there ?

Any hotel recommendations ?

Any restaurant recommendations ?

What is something purely local, that you won’t see in the guide books ?

Is there anything local they should buy ?

Where should they go next after leaving your place ?

What is the best time to go there ?

Are there any festivals ?

Is there anyone famous from your place ?

Were any movies filmed there ?

How far is it from Shannon or Dublin airport ?